Our Club

Founded in 2016, Ritmo Gymnastics is the only competitive rhythmic gymnastics club in the Saskatoon area. 

Who are we?

We are a team of experienced coaches who have been involved in the rhythmic gymnastic and dance world for most of our lives. Our passion for the sport drives us to provide a safe, fun, and goal-oriented atmosphere. We not only believe in the physical benefits of rhythmic gymnastics, but in the social benefits that our community creates for everyone involved. We value honesty and open communication as we work with our gymnasts and their families to achieve success, in and outside of the gym.

Saskatchewan has a growing rhythmic community, from recreational to national competitors. The opening of our Saskatoon based club in May 2016 has contributed to this growth, and we look forward to seeing many more rhythmic gymnasts in Saskatchewan in the coming years!


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Gymnastics Saskatchewan

Ritmo Gymnastics is a proud member club of Gymnastics Saskatchewan. As part of our provincial organization, all registrants pay a membership fee towards Gym Sask and Gymnastics Canada (GCG). Fees to GCG go towards supporting the development of gymnastics in the country, national programs, and national teams as they strive for podium performances. Fees to Gym Sask go towards programming in the province, insurance, grants, and overall support for member clubs. As a member of Gym Sask, Ritmo is committed to upholding their code of conduct to ensure ethical and sportsmanlike behavior from all staff and participants.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic sport that combines various body elements (leaps, balances, and pivots) and apparatus manipulation (ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs, rope). Rhythmic gymnasts must train to be strong, flexible, and graceful during competition, which is an extremely difficult but rewarding combination!