2018-2019 Training Fees

Total investment will depend on level and hours per week as outlined below. All totals include GST. 

Active Start (1 monthSession) | 0.75hrs/week | 109.75 

Recreational (1 4 month Session) | 0.75-1hrs/week | 188.50 

Recreational (2 4 month Sessions) | 0.75-1hrs/week | 293.50 

Next Generation (1 4 month Session) | 2hrs/week | 346 

Next Generation (2 4 month Sessions) | 2hrs/week | 556 

Pre-Competitive | 3hrs/week | 1,125 




Competitive | 6hrs/week | 1,981

Competitive | 8hrs/week | 2,244

Competitive | 10hrs/week | 2,619

Competitive (Provincial) | 12hrs/week | 2,779

Competitive (National) | 12hrs/week | 2,916

Competitive (Provincial) | 15hrs/week | 3,031.50

Competitive (National) | 15hrs/week | 3,178.50


  • *The Gym Sask/Gym Canada membership fee is not due until October 15th for all programs. This membership is valid from September 2018-August 2019. Please let us know if you have already paid this membership fee through another gym.
  • Fees DO NOT cover performance outfits and/or accessories, individual athlete travel to events/competitions, individual registration fees for competitions, or individual equipment. Effective for the 2018-2019 season, pre-competitive and competitive athletes will also be billed for a portion of their coach’s travel and honorarium to all competitions.
  • Registration fees may be paid by cheque (payable to Ritmo Gymnastics), cash, or e-transfer to ritmogymnastics@gmail.com.
  • All fees are due before the start of the program. Payment plans may be available for pre-competitive and competitive classes only and must be discussed with the director beforehand.
  • There will be a $25 penalty fee for any NSF cheques.

Refund Policy

Full refunds of the base training fee will be granted until one week prior to the first class of the session/year.

50% refunds will be granted within the first three weeks of the program (starting from the first class).

After the first three weeks of classes, refunds will no longer be available. In the case of injuries, family emergencies, or other unforeseen circumstances at any time during the season, a refund request outside of the above parameters MAY be considered depending on the situation. There will be no refunds on a class by class basis. In the rare event that a class is cancelled due to circumstances our of our control (ie weather, illness, etc) we will do our best to communicate to all participants as soon as possible.